Everyone's got a home, and ours is Iowa.

To celebrate our home, and our 1-year anniversary of creating intuitive, interactive visualizations as Needle Analytics, we're holding a contest!

The idea is that cartography is, to us, a very personal and artistic undertaking. When we make a map for a client, we strive to ensure the end result is tailor-made to reflect them and their needs.

And then we got to thinking - what if we made maps that reflected our interpretations of space and our experiences with landscapes?

Or better yet - what if you did?

From Feb. 14th to June 1st we'll be accepting artists' submissions of original interpretations of Iowa maps. There are 3 maps available for download (the State of Iowa, The University of Iowa, and Iowa City) to be used for inspiration to your design.

We will judge submissions and select 6 winning designs. The top 3 designs will be screen-printed on posters which will be available for sale at the Raygun store in Iowa City, IA on Friday, July 5th and Saturday, July 6th.

Artists whose designs are chosen as the top 6 designs will receive $50. Artists’ designs chosen to be screen-printed will receive half the profits of poster sales, in addition to the $50.

Additional proceeds will be donated.

Winners will be contacted and announced to the public on June 14th.

A brief open house with refreshments will be held Friday, July 5th in the Raygun store in Iowa City from 4:30-6:30 pm to celebrate the winners.

+Artists interested in submitting original works to the contest should review the waiver. Please include the signed waiver along with your submission in email form to:

Click HERE to download the contest package which includes the waiver, rules, and basemaps. You must sign the waiver with your submitted works.

We thank our sponsors for making this contest possible

Iowa City, IA

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